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Maryanne Myers – Free Advertising Sources

Maryanne Myers – Free Advertising Sources

Also Make Commissions

Here are some awesome advertising sites that are run by Maryanne Myers. I get sales and signups from all of them.

Join free or grab the low-fee upgrades. All have upgrade options but all are also 100% free to use.

Wonder Mailer – Huge Mailer and Nice Affiliate Commissions – Emails go Straight to Members’ Contact Addresses — http://www.wondermailer.com/paulafrye

Safelists.com — The Original Safelist — Huge with Nice Commissions  — http://www.safelists.com/paulafrye

577 Cash – Free Passive Banner Advertising. — https://577cash.com/paulafrye

Pangea — Email 119,000 (plus) members from many of Maryanne Myers’ ad sites — http://pangea.group/paulafrye

TE Webstar – Instant traffic to your websites plus passive visitors — http://tewebstar.com/paulafrye

Hot Spot Mailer – Send to 39,000 members — http://www.hotspotmailer.com/?hsm=paulafrye

1 TAE Adbar — Instant Traffic to your Websites 24/7 — http://1tae.com/paulafrye

Best List Mailer — Totally Passive Advertising — Just put your ad in and forget it. Emails all members for you automatically — http://www.bestlistmailer.com/paulafrye

50 a Day Gets You Paid — Get paid to advertise — http://50adaygetsyoupaid.com/paulafrye

Blaster Guru — Huge Ad Mailer and Passive Advertising — http://www.blaster.guru/paulafrye

Big Ad Blast — Passive Clicks — http://www.bigadblast.com/paulafrye

10 Buck Blast — Huge Mailer with Commissions — Send Daily — http://10buckblast.com/paulafrye

The Split View — Lots of Clicks — Nice Commissions — http://www.thesplitview.com/paulafrye

Domino Mailer — http://dominomailer.com/paulafrye

Super List Explode — Send Ads to 32,000 Real Members. Great response rate plus commissions — http://www.superlistexplode.com/paulafrye



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