Live Good Review

You may have heard of Live Good. I have been very impressed with both the company and the products.

Live Good offers many very good and inexpensive products. These include health, beauty, weight loss, pets and more. They even have coffee and shakes. Each of their products are available for up to 80% off retail - plus there is never any product purchase requirement for members.

What I Like:


Here are just a few reasons I love the Live Good business.


1. Live Good has a Completely Automated Team Building System -- This does the selling for members. It follows up with tour takers and does an excellent job of explaining the business.

2. Live Good has a Great Pay plan (very doable) -- They pay weekly fast starts (which is a nice upfront commission) plus multiple bonuses and monthly matrix pay. Another reason to love the pay plan is the passive profit sharing pool available to members once they advance in their business.

3. Live Good has Regular Calls to help people get signups. These calls explain many aspects of the company and products.

4. Live Good has Products Everyone Can Use -- Businesses with products that people actually need tend to last longer than businesses based on nothing but hype. Live Good is based on products that are needed by many.

5. Live Good does not have any product purchase requirements for members at all. Anyone who purchases a product does so because they want to -- not because they have to.

Those are just a few reasons I love Live Good.

What I Dislike:

I honestly cannot think of anything that I dislike about Live Good. Both the products and business are exceptional. Plus the company offers great support. They also pay when payment is due.

Final Verdict:

The bottom line is that Live Good is an awesome business with exceptional products. I don't believe anyone can go wrong with Live Good. There is no experience necessary to succeed and no product purchase requirement. Live Good is a business that can work for everyone.

I really believe you will love Live Good! They are awesome!