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Skinny Body Care – How to Build Residual Income

How to Build Residual Income


Here is a topic that I feel really needs to be addressed. How do you
build residual income? Can it be done? If so, what are the steps?

I have been working online since around 2000, and I can tell you for
sure that building residual income can be done. It doesn’t need to
be difficult. It doesn’t need to be confusing. If I can do it, anyone
can do it.

Here are some steps I took to build my residual income. You can do the same.

1. Join a business that is proven — You may like the hype and looks of a
brand new launch, but if it doesn’t last what is the point? If you go with
a company that has already proven itself, you are much better off. You’d
be surprised how many businesses I have seen come and go over the years.
I have seen new launches disappear before they even paid anyone. That can
really be a waste of time. New launches are so unpredictable. The business
I recommend for building residual income is Skinny Body Care. You can
take the tour here: http://fryeteam.sbcfreetour.com/?SOURCE=blog .

2. Bring in Free Pre-enrollees — This is actually not hard. I get so
many emails from people telling me they can’t recruit. Well, you know
what? I can’t “recruit”, either. But I can advertise my website. Anyone
can do that. The business above actually does all of the selling and
recruiting for you. It does every bit of the followup.

3. Let it Be a Numbers Game and Relax — Your focus should be simply
on bringing in more and more pre-enrollees. That comes with advertising
your website. Switch your ad around to keep a good response. If you
put your main focus on advertising, everything else just falls right
into place. Some of my pre-enrollees upgrade. So will some of yours. It’s
really that simple.

4. Don’t Fall into Over-analysis Paralysis — You don’t need to understand
every single detail in order to work a business. Just the basic facts will do:
What are the fast starts (per new sale); What ways does the business pay
(matrix, powerline, fast starts, etc.). I have never fully understood any
payplan, and I doubt I ever will. Payplans can be downright confusing. Once
they start talking percentages, I am lost.

5. Be Yourself and Do What You Like — You are in business for yourself. If you
do not feel comfortable talking to people on the phone, leave the phone number
off. I no longer put my phone number on the businesses I promote. Why? Because
I do not like doing business on the phone. I work online because I like it that
way. If a form asks for a phone number, I’ll put “email-anytime” or something like
that. Questions are just as easily answered through email (even easier) so that
is how I like it. If you don’t know the answer to a question, copy the question
and write your upline. I’m always here to help, and I’ll help you answer
questions — just not over the phone.

6. Enjoy What You Do — When I get up in the morning, I feel that I’m off on
another adventure. I sit down with my cup of coffee and start advertising. I
like to advertise an hour or two a day — on top of clearing out my email, putting
sites in the traffic exchanges, etc. I spend a lot of my time sending ads through
various submitters. You can see a lot of the advertising I use listed at
http://www.paulafrye.com . Again, anyone can advertise. Try some places, get
used to them, and try some more. I have spent years collecting lifetime
memberships in a lot of different ad sites. If you can swing it, I recommend
grabbing a lifetime membership from time to time. They really help.

I hope this blog post helps you a little bit. If you are looking to build
residual income, you definitely should take a look at Skinny Body Care:
http://fryeteam.sbcfreetour.com/?SOURCE=blog . It’s definitely the
best I have found, and I have been looking since 2000.

Take care,

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